Balmain Blazer Dupe UK (with a touch of DIY…)

Balmain Blazers have become something of an iconic fashion piece in recent years, especially thanks to the likes of Beyonce wearing them, and are a staple in fashion bloggers wardrobes, which is understandable; the tailoring, the buttons, the structure, the ability to make any outfit look luxurious and high-end. However, in order to obtain one, you’ll need to overcome a pretty substantial price tag.

Recently whilst shopping for underwear Marks & Spencer, I noticed across the room a Balmainy-looking blazer. I hurried over to inspect it – oh my, this is only £59. The paneling, the structure, the pocket placements; the only thing I’d have to adjust were the buttons. They’re nautical and are centre-placed, but with a little fishing around the internet for the gold Lion buttons and some DIY, I knew I could make an incredibly convincing Classic Balmain Blazer dupe. I immediately tried it on, it fit like a glove, and home with me it went.

The Gold Lion buttons arrive a couple of days later, which I bought from this ebay seller:

Click here to shop the the M&S Blazer.









I removed the original buttons and replaced them with my new Gold Lion ones, whilst rearranging the placement of them. Here’s the finished result!

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