About this blog

My full name is Francesca Grace Murray, and I decided to give this blog-thing a go in Autumn 2017 with full vigour, thus FrankieGraceMurray.co.uk was born.

My vision with my blog is to illustrate, demonstrate and encourage that a Vegan lifestyle can also be about luxury and the finer things in life. Things such as fashion, food, interiors and travelling can be enjoyed with luxury, whilst simultaneously living consciously and compassionately.

About me

I’m originally from Grimsby in N.E Lincolnshire, and currently live in the Brontë Country (West Yorkshire) in a house my boyfriend and I bought in Summer 2016. We share our house with a rescue Mastiff-cross called Bhalu, and two rescue cats, Drogo and Ponyo. My ‘real’ job by trade is a Piano Teacher, and I graduated in 2012 with a First Class BA Hons Degree in Music Production from Leeds College of Music. I also compose/produce music, which I use in my Youtube content (youtube.com/FrankieGraceMurray).

I was raised vegetarian from utero, and after being educated by my Brother and Mother’s transition to Veganism, I decided to eliminate all animal products from my life for good in April 2013. My boyfriend and sister’s transition followed suit, so I now proudly find myself as part of a Vegan clan; how lucky am I?

If you’d like to know anymore information about me or FrankieGraceMurray.co.uk, please e-mail frankiegracemurray@gmail.com.