About this blog

My full name is Francesca Grace Murray, and I decided to give this blog-thing a go in Autumn 2017, thus FrankieGraceMurray.co.uk was born.

A blog that is predominately a vegan-based, extending to food, beauty/style, interior and travel.

About me

I’m originally from Grimsby in N.E Lincolnshire, and currently live in the Brontë Country (West Yorkshire) in a house my boyfriend and I bought in Summer 2016. We share our house with a rescue Mastiff-cross called Bhalu, a rescue Blue Staffy called Luna, and two rescue cats, Drogo and Ponyo. My ‘real’ job by trade is a Piano Teacher, where I also create Piano Tutorials/Lessons on Youtube: Youtube.com/BitesizePiano.

I was raised vegetarian from utero, and after being educated by my Brother and Mother’s transition to Veganism, I decided to eliminate all animal products from my life for good in April 2013. My boyfriend and sister’s transition followed suit, so I now proudly find myself as part of a Vegan clan; how lucky am I?

If you’d like to know anymore information about me or FrankieGraceMurray.co.uk, please e-mail frankiegracemurray@gmail.com.